Indoor Digital Billboards

Indoor Digital Billboards

In this day and age, screens demand attention. Indoor Digital billboards are no different. With digital billboards, businesses can get in front of their customers in places they wouldn’t normally. There is even the added benefit of pulling attention away from phones and other distractions, unlike with traditional signage and outdoor billboards.

Digital billboards are exactly what they sound like: billboards displayed digitally. Instead of traditional advertising or signs, high definition screens display content and images. This allows for wider options when it comes to things like advertising and brand awareness. However, digital billboards are for much more than just ads: many businesses use Indoor digital billboards for menus, sales and product information, and various other displays. 

Looking to see what digital billboards can do for you and your business? Read on to see what Iowa Digital has to offer as the best Indoor digital billboard company in Des Moines!

White Label Digital Billboards 

If you have a connection with lots of small businesses, we can build a network to help tap into unreached revenue streams for you and your partners. You’ll own a media network where you get to control all messaging and branding, and we’ll take care of the rest. This includes TV installs, network operations, sales training, and training materials. This option is great for newspaper publications, ad providers, marketing agencies, and franchises. 

With white label digital billboards, businesses reach their customers all over! Putting up digital billboards where people eat, work, shop, and play is the perfect way to get branding and ads in front of potential customers.

Besides, the statistics don’t lie: 

  • 47% of consumer gain increased brand awareness because of digital billboards 
  • 71% of consumers say digital billboards make a better impression than online ads
  • 85% of consumers think out of home marketing is helpful
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

White label digital billboards allow you to make near-subconscious impressions on potential customers dozens of times over for very little money. The more times someone sees a business or brand, the more likely they are to convert to that brand. So, by getting content out by using digital billboards, you are more likely to get customer conversions, even if they ultimately use a search engine or social media platform to find the business.  

Custom Digital Billboards 

Retail locations, restaurants, and other hospitality services are among some of the top places for custom digital billboards. Installing signs for both customers and staff is a great way to keep everyone up to date on relevant information. 

Menu boards, event and sales promotions, brand awareness, and any other highlights you want to make your guests, patients, and clients aware of are easy to set up when you use indoor digital billboards . With separate signs for staff, you can easily inform your workers of any new information they might need, or even provide training and education. Digital billboards provide a great way to get all your internal and external communications across quickly and easily. 

The best part about our custom indoor digital billboards is that it’s hands-off for business owners! If you don’t have the expertise to install and maintain the system or update content, Iowa Digital will take care of it for you! Even if you are a large enterprise, we have the skillset to properly install and maintain your digital billboards so you don’t have to worry about it. Once everything is set up, we’ll make sure it all keeps running smoothly.

What to use Digital Billboards For

Indoor digital billboards are great for so many different forms of information and communication. 

  • Event Promotion
  • Product Roll-Outs 
  • Menus
  • Employee updates
  • Hospitality and virtual concierge information
  • Out of home marketing
  • Notice boards

By utilizing digital billboards in your business, or being part of an advertising network, you can grow your business and brand more quickly and effectively than ever before. Take part in digital out of home marketing today by using indoor digital billboards for all your communication needs!