Digital Billboards

Modern Billboards for the Digital Age

Digital Billboards are the best billboard option for today’s business owners. What are digital billboards? How do they help you? As a business owner, you’re always trying to get more clients and customers, but you’re also trying to provide them with a good product or service. You don’t have time to go out and network at every retail establishment, restaurant, and event location every day, or even every week. With digital billboards, you don’t have to: you’re already there! 

A powerful form of communication in today’s digital world, digital billboards are essential for modern business owners. By displaying dynamic content that is customizable, easily changeable, and ready at the click of a button, you can reach a wider audience with ease.

Billboards for the Modern Business Owner

Outdoor billboards, newspaper ads, or even mailers are no longer the best way to get your message across to a large audience. They all have their uses, certainly, but if you really want to reach the most people, consider indoor digital billboards. 

Digital Billboards are great for advertising, but they are also useful for so much more! Use our indoor billboards for: 

  • Branding
  • Upcoming specials
  • Product roll-outs
  • Events
  • And more!

Plus, digital billboards are much more affordable than traditional billboards, or even other forms of advertising, from radio, to print, or even television ads! 

Billboards for the Modern Consumer

Digital billboards are more engaging than other forms of advertising. With the ability to display multiple ads per minute, both static and active, business owners can keep the customer engaged longer. With longer viewing time, customers are more likely to remember the name and information on the ad. Some benefits of digital billboard advertising include:

  • Can’t be thrown away, turned off, or driven past
  • Limited advertising play loop guarantees visibility
  • Category Exclusivity is available
  • Multiple impressions per customer interaction

With advertising coming from every angle, modern consumers want engaging content to meet them where they are without interrupting their daily life. Digital billboard advertising does just that: by placing them strategically where customers work, dine, shop, and play, ads can be served in new and engaging ways. 

Modern Billboards for Modern Times

Digital billboards are the future of marketing. Our digital billboard services are proven to work across multiple business categories. We have clients that own many types businesses, including the following:  

  • Accounting
  • Banks
  • Car Dealers
  • Car Repair
  • Colleges and Education
  • Contractors
  • Daycare
  • Electricians
  • Financial Planners
  • Healthcare
  • Home Cleaning
  • Home Inspection
  • HVAC
  • Industry/Agriculture
  • Insurance Agents
  • Landscaping
  • Lawyers
  • Moving
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Wealth Management

When you use digital billboards to advertise your business, whether you offer products or services or both, you can connect with potential and current customers all across the board. It’s an easy way to stay relevant and get your message across. 

Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company Des Moines

Are you a Des Moines or Central Iowa business owner looking for someone to take care of your digital marketing? Iowa Digital is here for you! The best Digital Marketing Company Des Moines has to offer! From Digital Billboards to online branding, advertising, geotargeting, and so much more, Iowa Digital has everything you need to get your digital marketing on track! We know digital marketing so you can focus on your business.

It’s Easy!

Iowa Digital partners with over 160 restaurants and retail locations in Iowa and 250 in Minnesota to host indoor digital billboards. Indoor digital billboards are great for product roll-outs, menu boards, events, google and facebook reviews, and sharing everyday messages with your customers. 

Designed to be hands off for the business owner, our turn-key system includes software, design, ad management, and maintenance. Keep your customers up to date and increase sales at the same time with dynamic content designed specifically for you. As a business owner, this makes your part easy! 

It’s Custom!

Part of digital marketing is making content that is frequent, relevant, and up to date. With Iowa Digital, you get just that: content that is updated when you need it. It’s quick, easy, and made just for you. As the best digital marketing company in Des Moines, we specialize in making your content work for you. Don’t have time to update your social media pages? We’ll take care of it! Enjoy engaging with customers on social media, but want better advertising opportunities offline? Use our digital billboards for a broader reach. 

Whatever part of digital marketing you need, our company has the resources to help you succeed.

It’s Local!

When you choose a digital marketing company that is located right here in Des Moines, you know you’re getting real people who understand you and what you need, and understand the market you’re looking to advertise to. Our team of experts specializes in Digital Marketing especially for Des Moines and Iowa based companies. You can rest easy knowing that your company is in good, honest, midwestern hands. 

When you need Digital Marketing, you need it done right, and done custom-made for you, by people that understand you and your business. Trust Iowa Digital to get the job done. 

Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital Billboard Advertising

Imagine if you could advertise your business all over town, and make changes and updates to your content at the click of a button. With digital billboard advertising, you can do just that! Digital Billboard Advertising means that you get to be a part of a network with screens all over high-traffic locations. You will reach a far broader audience than you ever could with any other form of traditional advertising, and that audience will be more engaged, and more likely to remember your company when they are looking for a service or product like yours. Interested? Keep reading to see how Iowa Digital’s Billboard Advertising Network can help you!

Why Digital Billboard Advertising?

Our Billboard Advertising Network provides proximity marketing across Iowa and Minnesota. By limiting the number of advertisers per location, we ensure your ad is seen multiple times. Combined with multiple advertising platforms, you can rest assured that your message will be delivered to your target demographic!

With Digital Billboard Advertising, you get to take advantage of a lot of benefits that you don’t get with traditional media. These benefits include:

  • Captive Audiences
  • High Frequency and Reach
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Generating Business
  • Targeting Geographic Areas
  • Targeting Specific Demographics
  • Customizable
  • Affordable

Traditional advertising options don’t offer these great benefits. Print mailers are thrown away, outdoor billboards are driven past. But digital screens demand attention: making digital billboard advertising the best option for today’s business owners.

So How Does It Work?

With Iowa Digital’s Billboard Advertising network, you gain the benefit of a network that’s already in place. We put up a screen in your establishment, and you get to advertise in other non-competing businesses within the network! We create the content and make any necessary or wanted changes so that you never have to worry about it!

  • Over 200 high-definition screens in 160+ locations
  • 0:10 static and 0:15 full-motion spot options
  • Coverage across Iowa and Minnesota
  • 51 minute average dwell time per visitor
  • Excellent location placement for 100% visibility

Our main locations are in primary zones where digital billboard advertising most benefits local businesses. Many of our host locations support strong levels of daily traffic and consistent customer dwell times. 

Is Digital Billboard Advertising Right For Me?

With proven results across multiple business categories, we know that Digital Billboard Advertising works. Whatever your business is, it can work for you. Our billboard advertising network has a wide range of content to keep viewers engaged. Our clients own restaurants, construction companies, auto shops, and retail establishments. We work with attorneys, realtors, medical services, home improvement services, festivals and events, and more! Not sure if you’re the right fit for Digital Billboard Advertising? Call us today!

des moines digital marketing

Iowa Digital: A Des Moines Digital Marketing Company

Are you a Des Moines or Central Iowa business that wants to take your digital marketing to the next level? You’ve come to the right place! Iowa Digital is the best Des Moines Digital Marketing Company, and we are ready to help you!

 Iowa Digital is the largest provider of indoor digital billboards in Iowa and Minnesota, with access to indoor digital billboards in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Alabama, and Florida. We specialize in custom billboards software solutions, content creation, and complete playloop management. With Iowa Digital, you know you are working with a local, midwest company that operates right here in Des Moines.

What does a Des Moines Digital Marketing Company Do?

Digital marketing is a way of using digital platforms to promote brands and help businesses connect with potential customers. It takes many forms–from email to social media, web-based advertising, and more, including digital billboards and SEO. 

Digital marketing uses the internet, social media, and other digital technologies and platforms to promote products and services. Having a local company work on your digital marketing is the best way to go. Iowa Digital prides itself on providing top quality digital marketing not only to Des Moines, but also to all of Central Iowa and beyond.

How Can Our Company Help You?

Iowa Digital’s unique Digital Marketing opportunities give you the broadest reach possible through whatever avenues you choose. We offer Digital Billboard marketing, Social Media Marketing, geofencing opportunities, and so much more. No other local digital marketing company can offer as many avenues for marketing to help you reach your business goals. 

By offering a variety of digital marketing services, including local search management, reputation management, and social media management in addition to our networked digital signage and billboard advertising, we are confident that we provide local business owners with the best possible digital marketing there is. 

Getting Started!

With so many options available and opportunities for digital marketing, there’s no better time to start than now! We are ready to help you get your digital marketing up to snuff, right here in Des Moines. Contact us today, and get started! We can’t wait to work with you!  

Indoor Digital Billboards

Indoor Digital Billboards

In this day and age, screens demand attention. Indoor Digital billboards are no different. With digital billboards, businesses can get in front of their customers in places they wouldn’t normally. There is even the added benefit of pulling attention away from phones and other distractions, unlike with traditional signage and outdoor billboards.

Digital billboards are exactly what they sound like: billboards displayed digitally. Instead of traditional advertising or signs, high definition screens display content and images. This allows for wider options when it comes to things like advertising and brand awareness. However, digital billboards are for much more than just ads: many businesses use Indoor digital billboards for menus, sales and product information, and various other displays. 

Looking to see what digital billboards can do for you and your business? Read on to see what Iowa Digital has to offer as the best Indoor digital billboard company in Des Moines!

White Label Digital Billboards 

If you have a connection with lots of small businesses, we can build a network to help tap into unreached revenue streams for you and your partners. You’ll own a media network where you get to control all messaging and branding, and we’ll take care of the rest. This includes TV installs, network operations, sales training, and training materials. This option is great for newspaper publications, ad providers, marketing agencies, and franchises. 

With white label digital billboards, businesses reach their customers all over! Putting up digital billboards where people eat, work, shop, and play is the perfect way to get branding and ads in front of potential customers.

Besides, the statistics don’t lie: 

  • 47% of consumer gain increased brand awareness because of digital billboards 
  • 71% of consumers say digital billboards make a better impression than online ads
  • 85% of consumers think out of home marketing is helpful
  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

White label digital billboards allow you to make near-subconscious impressions on potential customers dozens of times over for very little money. The more times someone sees a business or brand, the more likely they are to convert to that brand. So, by getting content out by using digital billboards, you are more likely to get customer conversions, even if they ultimately use a search engine or social media platform to find the business.  

Custom Digital Billboards 

Retail locations, restaurants, and other hospitality services are among some of the top places for custom digital billboards. Installing signs for both customers and staff is a great way to keep everyone up to date on relevant information. 

Menu boards, event and sales promotions, brand awareness, and any other highlights you want to make your guests, patients, and clients aware of are easy to set up when you use indoor digital billboards . With separate signs for staff, you can easily inform your workers of any new information they might need, or even provide training and education. Digital billboards provide a great way to get all your internal and external communications across quickly and easily. 

The best part about our custom indoor digital billboards is that it’s hands-off for business owners! If you don’t have the expertise to install and maintain the system or update content, Iowa Digital will take care of it for you! Even if you are a large enterprise, we have the skillset to properly install and maintain your digital billboards so you don’t have to worry about it. Once everything is set up, we’ll make sure it all keeps running smoothly.

What to use Digital Billboards For

Indoor digital billboards are great for so many different forms of information and communication. 

  • Event Promotion
  • Product Roll-Outs 
  • Menus
  • Employee updates
  • Hospitality and virtual concierge information
  • Out of home marketing
  • Notice boards

By utilizing digital billboards in your business, or being part of an advertising network, you can grow your business and brand more quickly and effectively than ever before. Take part in digital out of home marketing today by using indoor digital billboards for all your communication needs!