Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital Billboard Advertising

Imagine if you could advertise your business all over town, and make changes and updates to your content at the click of a button. With digital billboard advertising, you can do just that! Digital Billboard Advertising means that you get to be a part of a network with screens all over high-traffic locations. You will reach a far broader audience than you ever could with any other form of traditional advertising, and that audience will be more engaged, and more likely to remember your company when they are looking for a service or product like yours. Interested? Keep reading to see how Iowa Digital’s Billboard Advertising Network can help you!

Why Digital Billboard Advertising?

Our Billboard Advertising Network provides proximity marketing across Iowa and Minnesota. By limiting the number of advertisers per location, we ensure your ad is seen multiple times. Combined with multiple advertising platforms, you can rest assured that your message will be delivered to your target demographic!

With Digital Billboard Advertising, you get to take advantage of a lot of benefits that you don’t get with traditional media. These benefits include:

  • Captive Audiences
  • High Frequency and Reach
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Generating Business
  • Targeting Geographic Areas
  • Targeting Specific Demographics
  • Customizable
  • Affordable

Traditional advertising options don’t offer these great benefits. Print mailers are thrown away, outdoor billboards are driven past. But digital screens demand attention: making digital billboard advertising the best option for today’s business owners.

So How Does It Work?

With Iowa Digital’s Billboard Advertising network, you gain the benefit of a network that’s already in place. We put up a screen in your establishment, and you get to advertise in other non-competing businesses within the network! We create the content and make any necessary or wanted changes so that you never have to worry about it!

  • Over 200 high-definition screens in 160+ locations
  • 0:10 static and 0:15 full-motion spot options
  • Coverage across Iowa and Minnesota
  • 51 minute average dwell time per visitor
  • Excellent location placement for 100% visibility

Our main locations are in primary zones where digital billboard advertising most benefits local businesses. Many of our host locations support strong levels of daily traffic and consistent customer dwell times. 

Is Digital Billboard Advertising Right For Me?

With proven results across multiple business categories, we know that Digital Billboard Advertising works. Whatever your business is, it can work for you. Our billboard advertising network has a wide range of content to keep viewers engaged. Our clients own restaurants, construction companies, auto shops, and retail establishments. We work with attorneys, realtors, medical services, home improvement services, festivals and events, and more! Not sure if you’re the right fit for Digital Billboard Advertising? Call us today!

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