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The In’s and Out’s of Social Media Management

As a small business owner, you likely either love or hate social media. It can be an incredible asset for growing your audience, but the upkeep takes a lot of time and creativity. The worst part is that it’s hard to truly track ROI. However, in today’s growing digital age, having a social media presence, especially when trying to reach younger audiences, is particularly valuable. 

Where to start?

Whether you’ve owned your business for a long time or are just starting out, it can be hard to know where to start with social media. What platforms do you need to be on? How often do you need to post? Should you use social media to advertise? If so, how does that differ from everything else you do on social media?

Many people are overwhelmed by the choices they have to make to operate a social media business page, and for some small businesses it can quickly become a jumble of unrelated content that may or may not reach your intended audience. 

Having a social media manager, either on your team or through an agency like Iowa Digital is one way to make sure your social media is consistent and helping your business grow, but there are still some decisions you’ll need to make so the person running the page has everything they need to accurately represent you digitally. 

Questions to Consider

When starting – or revamping – a social media page, there are a few things you need to consider to get the most out of it. Who is your social media targeted at? This will likely be the same type of people your business is trying to reach in general, so it shouldn’t be a hard question. 

Secondly, what message or messages are you trying to get across? Are you trying to be informative about the products and services you offer, or are you trying to create a fun space where people can engage with you and your business on a regular basis? There are many different options for this and ways to go about getting the best results for your business, but having a general idea of your end goal is always a good place to start. 

What to Post

If your business has a physical location or a lot of products to offer, coming up with ideas for posts is actually quite easy! Most people that visit a social media page want to get an idea of what your business is going to be like if they visit. Show what you offer, show the interior space, and have fun with it! Social media is a great place to show your personality and style. Be authentic, be personable, 

For businesses that offer only or mostly service, coming up with post ideas might seem a lot trickier. However, there is still a lot to work with! For example, lawn care companies have lots of success when showing examples of projects they’ve done, or their crew doing work. Similar to brick and mortar locations, you want to show your personality through your posts. 

When you have Iowa Digital manage your social media accounts, we’ll make sure to use photos of your location, services, products, and staff. Whether you provide these photos or we come and take them, you can be sure your business is well represented. 

Management and Scheduling

Even when you’ve dialed in what you want to post, actually posting poses its own challenge. You’re focussed on providing the best experience for your customers, and posting to social media falls to the back burner. Having a social media management team that creates posts to fit your brand and posts consistently takes the hassle out of it! 

At Iowa Digital, we work with you to find the experience that fits your team and style best. Posting consistently with quality content is the best way to ensure that your social media presence is thriving, not just surviving! We take the guesswork, hassle, and stress out of it.

Step up your social media game and stay engaged with current, potential, and future customers with social media management solutions from Iowa Digital!